Importing cars has never been easier.

We go through the vehicle importation to Kenya as covered under the Kenya Bureau of Standard. Our specialist will advise on the Age limitation (8 years from the year of manufacture)

All used motor vehicles from Japan to Kenya has to be past the inspection of road worthiness before shipment. Japanese vehicle Importers from Japan will be required to submit this road worthy certificate which will be issued by Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Company Limited(JEVIC) for clearance purpose at Mombasa port.

We can guide you through the following steps.

    1. Search for the car to import

Visit our office and lets us know what type of car you are looking for. In our office, you will be assisted by our car specialist to choose a car from our large pool of cars. We have several computers that are connected to exclusive car databases based in Japan. Our staff will guide you through car searching process and offer advice. Alternatively, you can calls us or email us your request. You will be contacted within 24 hours.

    1. Confirm the car and condition

Once you have decided the car make and model to import, our staff will guide you through available used car stock. If the car you want is not available in our stock, we shall with your consent locate the car from the Japanese Auction or our associated Japanese car dealers. Once we have located a car for you, we shall inform you of the car condition. If you decide to purchase the car, then we move to the next step.

    1. Payment

All vehicles leaving from Japan to Kenya must shipped on either C&F or CIF terms. The best option is to use the CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight) terms. This means that unlike in C&F terms, your car will be insured all the way to the port of Mombasa. Our staff will provide you with a breakdown of the CIF cost to the port of Mombasa. 100% payment is required before the vehicle can be shipped from Japan.

    1. Jevic car inspection

Once we have purchased your car of choice, we shall arrange for you vehicle to be taken for Jevic Inspection in Japan. As a Kenyan government requirement, all cars imported from Japan must undergo Jevic Inspection while in Japan. Click here to see more information about Jevic inspection and import regulations set by the Kenyan Government.

    1. Shipping

As your vehicle is taken for Jevic inspection, we shall arrange for its shipping so that it’s shipped to Mombasa the earliest possible. From the day we purchase the car in Japan it will take roughly 2- 3 weeks to the day that the vehicle will be shipped out. During this period, the vehicle will be taken for Jevic inspection, de-registered in Japan and an export certificate issued and finally the used car will be booked on a vessel CIF port of Mombasa. It takes roughly three weeks to one month for the car to arrive at the port of Mombasa. Please note that for buses and big truck, the process might take a little longer.

    1. Import Documents

A few days after the vessel carrying your vehicle has sailed from Japan, a package containing necessary documents such as the Bill of Landing, Jevic inspection certificate, export certificate, Invoice and a translation of the Export certificate will be delivered to you. The next step the will be clearing the vehicle from the port of Mombasa.

    1. Clearance and registration
      • Postal address
      • Pin number
      • Bill of Landing
      • IDF form
      • Invoice
      • JEVIC certificate
      • Export certificate

Once the vehicle arrives in Mombasa, it has to be cleared with the custom and registered. This is when various duties and tax as specified by KRA will be paid. The following documents will be necessary;

    1. Delivery of the vehicle

After successful registration, we shall deliver your vehicle as agreed.